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Acne usually pop up on the face and are a result of infected sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands help to make the oil that keeps the skin smooth and supple. Sebum is released more in adolescents due to hormonal changes that make the skin greasy and results in formation of acne.  Acne is very common and is treatable. The treatment depends on its severity – mild, moderate or severe.

Management of mild acne

The most common treatment for acne is topical treatment that includes treating the affected area with gels and lotions. This is successful with individuals who are suffering from mild acne. At La Skinnovita, you may be recommended an FDA Approved Cream or ointment that may be enough to cure mild acne.

Management of moderately severe acne

This includes treatment with the helps of topical agents along with oral medications.

Management of severe acne

This is a serious case of acne and the patient should be under strict supervision of a good dermatologist. La skinnovita has treatment for all your skin issues. Dr. Anuj Pall has expertise in treating people with acne and has helped many people to have a clear and beautiful skin.

Various treatment options that are used to treat acne are listed below:

Acne leaves behind ugly scars on the skin, which can be very embarrassing and can even reduce your self-esteem. At La Skinnovita, we have treatments for acne and acne scar removal. We use chemical peels,  laser resurfacing, Micro-Needling Radiofrequency along with topical treatment to reduce and remove the acne scars. When you visit La Skinnovita, Dr. Anuj Pall evaluates the condition of your skin and prescribes the best-suited treatment for your problem. The treatment is a lunch time procedure and the patient can return to normal activity immediately.

Juventas sequential chemical peel helps in removal of layers of skin that is damaged and leaves a skin that is fresh and new. It also stimulates new collagen that helps in improving pigmentation, wrinkles and the texture of the skin. You must take this treatment from a trained and skilled dermatologist. Dr. Anuj Pall is a proficient dermatologist who can carefully provide you chemical peel treatment in Gurgaon at the clinic. For better consultation and cost of acne treatment in Gurgaon, call at the help desk, La Skinnovita.

Wosyet VitálTM Scar Treatment is used effectively for removing acne and acne scars. This treatment is performed by using INTRACEL Microneedling radiofrequency  syetem that involves the use of insulated needles that deliver radiofrequency  energy to the targeted layers of the skin without affecting the epidermis. This helps in production of new collagen and hence reduces the scars. MNRF is considered to be one of the best and safest treatment for acne scars.

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Acne Treatment in Gurgaon

La Skinnovita, a renowned skin and hair clinic in Gurgaon. According to the skin types and texture, Dr. Anuj Pall and his team of expert dermatologists proficiently guide you with the most efficient and effective Acne treatment in Gurgaon at La Skinnovita.


Melasma is a skin disorder that results in blotchy, brownish pigmentation on the face. It can lead to distress. Melasma occurs more in people that tan well and have skin that is naturally brown as compared to the ones that have a fair skin tone. Melasma occurs because of hormonal changes and exposure to the sun. Depending on the intensity and area covered by melasma, Dr. Anuj Pall may recommend you certain topical medications along with the use of particular sunscreens tested by dermatological laboratories. He is a renowned dermatologist in Gurgaon who can carefully provide you with the Melasma treatment in Gurgaon at his clinic by using genuine chemical peels. Even very difficult patients not responding to medical management and chemical peels can be successfully treated with revolutionary Athena TST laser toning If you have any type of query regarding the treatment then you can call up at the help desk of La Skinnovita.

Treatments offered for melasma at Laskinnovita


Rosacea is a chronic skin condition characterised within the acne family, but can be differentiated from acne through certain features;

  • Lack of Comedones in Rosacea (white and black heads).
  • Strong emotions, spicy food and alcohol trigger rosacea unlike acne. These trigger cause reproducible flushing in the cheeks.
  • Dry and itchy eyes frequently accompany rosacea that are not found in acne.

Rosacea is more common in women aged 30-40 years, men suffer its more severe forms that include scarring and a bulbous nose known as rhinophyma. Small blood vessels cover the cheeks, but papules and pimples occur rare, depicts the mild rosacea which is more hard to treat. Dr. Anuj Pall preferably advises the patients for topical and oral medications along with sunscreen followed up with chemical peels suitable for the skin type and rosacea severity. A good diet is recommended avoiding oily and spicy foods to control rosacea.

Rosacea Treatment in Gurgaon

Rosacea may be as hard or as easy to treat sometimes, depending on the mildness or severity. Chemical Peels for Rosacea treatment in Gurgaon at La Skinnovita have worked wonders for number of patients giving them back the beautiful skin they desire. Contact La Skinnovita help desk to know details and cost of Rosacea. The treatment is performed by Dr. Anuj Pall under utmost comfort of the patient.

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Dark Circles

Eyes are the brightest facial features. Certain factors like age, stress, working on pc etc. may  create unappealing dark patches around the eyes making you look 10 years older. These dark circles can be embarrassing. Dr. Anuj Pall can recommend you the right remedy for it  at La Skinnovita.

La Skinnovita provides various treatments including chemical peels and laser for dark circles treatment in Gurgaon. Dr. Anuj Pall may prescribe you some ointment to follow up the treatment. The skin around the eyes is comparatively more sensitive and needs special care and specific treatment. Contact to book an appointment to consult Dr. Anuj Pall for the suitable chemical peel for your skin type.


Skin pigmentation can make your skin look lighter or darker, blotchy and discoloured. To get rid of the blemishes and stimulate the production of collagen we at La Skinnovita use non –invasive treatments to give you that glowing look. All the treatments are safe and painless. They all show remarkable results and thus helps in giving you a bright and youthful skin.

Open Pores

Pores are the small openings through which hair emerges and are important to regulate body temperature, flush the toxins and moisture the skin. There are many people with oily skin who tend to have enlarged pores and are more likely to be clogged and cause acne breakouts and white heads. These pores hide the beauty of your skin making you look older and therefore there have been introduced the treatments to shrink them giving you a younger looking radiant skin.

Treatment of Open Pores in Gurgaon

There are various treatments available for getting rid of large pores. Microneedling Radiofrequency is the utmost preferred technology as it is comparatively more effective, safe quick and results oriented. At La Skinnovita, Wosyet Vitál™ treatment delivers powerful radiofrequency energy through fractionalised micro needles to targeted layers under the skin. This process is non-ablative  and promotes collagen production in the pores to restore a smooth and even texture on the skin.

Dr Anuj Pall is one of the most renowned dermatologist in Gurgaon. He was recently awarded Rashtriya Gaurav Award in 2015 for his contribution in the field of dermatology. You can contact our help desk for further details and cost of the treatment of large pores  at La Skinnovita Gurgaon.

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