Body Silhouette Program (Body Contouring)

Body Silhouette is a comprehensive non- invasive body contouring program. This is a targeted four-step programme for body contouring and weight loss specially designed by La Skinnovita.

The Body Silhouette is a full proof program designed specially to target fat areas in patients who are obese, This treatment plan along with the Lipocel treatment works in conjunction with Diet control and Lymphatic drainage massage therapies yielding best results with long-term
maintenance of the body shape.

It’s a four-step programme inclusive of

  • Counseling sessions to know how about the treatment plan. technology and its effectiveness.
  • Non-invasive Lipocel Treatment sessions for body contouring.
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage therapy sessions to enhance fat mobilisation for best results.
  • Diet planning sessions as a support system for the fat loss and taking care of your food intake, restrictions.


What is Lipocel treatment?

Lipocel is a non surgical way of reducing fat and cellulite. It uses High Intensity Focussed ultrasound therapy to target stubborn pockets of subcutaneous fat,Unwanted fat cells are broken up and eliminated via lymphatic drainage.

Is Lipocel treatment painful?

The Lipocel treatment is painless, safe and works effectively. It does not harm surrounding nerves, muscle. collagen or other tissue in the targeted area.

What do you expect during Lipocel procedure?

The localised area of fat is carefully marked and photographs taken- A treatment grid is marked on to the treatment area. Water is sprayed topically onto the skin and the focused ultrasound hand piece is systematically moved over the treatment area. A heat sensation and slight muscle ache is felt during treatment following treatment or the treated area may turn slightly pink but otherwise there is no down time and normal activities can be immediately resumed.

How many Lipocel sessions are required under this treatment plan?

The number of treatments is greatly determined by the amount of fat that needs to be removed. Generally, the patients require between 1-3 treatments spaced 6 – 12 weeks apart. The visible results are seen after a month and continue to improve after 12 weeks.

What is Lymphatic drainage massages therapy?

Lymphatic drainage massage therapies act adjunct to the Lipocel treatment, It accelerates the mobilisation of the broken fat cells after Lipocel session. It also helps in detoxification further enhancing the effectiveness of the program.

How Diet counselling sessions are going to help under this program and what are its advantages?

Diet counseling sessions under this program act as a support system for the fat loss. Taking care of your food intake, indulgence, restrictions and total nutrition overall.


  • It enhances the overall effect of the total body contouring.
  • Patients can expect overwhelming results in fewer sessions.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by prolonging the effect of weight loss training through diet control.
  • Lifelong maintenance of a healthy body weight.

Who all can opt for Body Silhouette Program?

Anyone who wants to reduce stubborn deposits of fat without surgery and is looking for effective body contouring program.

Who all cannot undergo non surgical body Silhouette Treatment?

Patients not suitable for the treatments are with high cholesterol, heart disease, pregnancy, cancer or other auto immune diseases or an open wound in the area to be treated. During the consultation, we will be going through the Health History and evaluate the treatment protocol. Anyone on medication that affects fat metabolism is not eligible for this treatment.

Is this procedure only for women?

This procedure is appropriate for both men and women. Some of the most common areas include the stomach, flanks. thighs and arms.

What can be done about excess skin after weight loss?

Toning and strength-building exercises may improve cosmetic appearance, but do not guarantee that there will not be excess skin.