The skin that is aged usually droops and develops wrinkles on them. Sagging face can be a concern for both men and women. The severity of the problem varies from person to person depending upon the skin type, age, environmental factors, weight and genetic tendency.

Cause of sagging skin:

Skin drooping is because of various factors as listed below:

  1. The fat cells present under the skin are reduced.
  2. There is loss of collagen and elastin fibres in the dermis that reduces strength.
  3. Gravity that sags the lax tissue

Treatment available:

At La Skinnovita, outstanding changes can be obtained in facial features and we help in giving our clients a younger look and also improve their complexion. Below are few treatment options available:

“Nefertiti Lift” is a new technique to re-contour the sagging face by using powerful, but gentle ultrasound, focused radiofrequency and fractionalized micro needling radiofrequency. All these three combine together to lift the skin and the fibro muscular layer that is present under the fat layer known as SMAS. This is a no downtime and less invasive treatment that is effective and acceptable treatment for all those patients who need an effective treatment for lifting their skin. Along with all this it is very necessary to take care of your diet so that you don’t become obese.

With the increasing age, the cheeks tissue droops and thus makes the cheekbone more visible. This gives a hollow look around the eyes. The aureate Nefertiti treatment is used to lift the cheek tissue and gives a youthful facial contour. Dr. Anuj Pall performs non-surgical cheek lift using dermal fillers and fractional laser.

Neck lift is used to lift the sagging skin and muscles of the neck. In order to improve your neckline it is essential to analyse the soft tissue and anatomy of the midface.

Facelift in Gurgaon

La skinnovita is the only clinic that offers non-invasive procedures that unchecks a new aspect in skin tightening and face lift treatment in Gurgaon.