Facial pigmentation

Skin pigmentation disorder makes your skin look lighter or darker and blotchy or discolored. To get rid of the blemishes and stimulate the production of collagen we at La Skinnovita use non –invasive treatments to give you that glowing look that you have always desired for. All the treatments are safe and painless. They all show remarkable results and thus helps in giving you a bright and youthful skin. Our treatments are very effective in reducing all types of scars and marks.


Acne is a very common problem among teenagers and the scars that they leave behind are really very disheartening. La Skinnovita has treatment for all your skin problems. Dr. Anuj Pall gets many patients with acne problems and has helped them in getting back their clean and beautiful skin in very less time and by using safe procedures. Depending on different skin types and texture, Dr. Anuj Pall and other dermatologists proficiently guide you with the most efficient Acne treatment at La Skinnovita.


Freckles are small brown marks that are flat in shape. They come on the face and other areas that are exposed to sun. Freckles are mostly seen in people who have fair skin and those with red hair. The dermatologist should be consulted for uncertain spots or pigmented patches. Dr. Anuj Pall has expertise in treating people with freckles. They have helped many patients to get the gracious appearance by giving the best possible treatment. Further he recommends to use 30 SPF sunscreen on your face and for further information you can call up at the help desk.


Melasma is a skin disorder that results in blotchy, brownish pigmentation on the face. It can lead to distress. Melasma occurs more in people that tan well and have skin that is naturally brown as compared to the ones that have fair skin tone. Melasma occurs because of hormonal changes and exposure to the sun. Depending on the intensity and area covered by melasma, Dr. Anuj Pall may recommend you certain topical medications along with use of particular sunscreens tested by dermatological laboratories. He is a renowned dermatologist in Gurgaon who can carefully provide you with the Melasma treatment in Gurgaon at his clinic by using genuine chemical peels. If you want to know about the cost of melasma treatment in Gurgaon or if you have any type of query regarding the treatment then you can call up at the help desk of La Skinnovita.