La Skinnovita is a well-known skin clinic in Gurgaon that has treatment for photofacial. This is a very safe and effective treatment to get rid of visible lines, wrinkles and open pores on the face. It helps in facial rejuvenation and eliminates the age spots. This is a new and advanced technology that is comfortable and gentle. It is commonly known with the name of Aureate series of aesthetic procedures. This treatment helps in getting back your natural glow of the skin. Photofacial also helps in reducing the redness on the face and helps in improvement of acne and improves the overall texture of the skin. Dr. Anuj Pall is a renowned dermatologist in Gurgaon who will examine your skin and will tell you the number of sessions required. To achieve the looks you deserve is an appointment away. Contact La Skinnovita to know details & cost of Photofacial in Gurgaon.

Open pores

Hair emerges from small pores. These are the small openings and they play a great role in regulation of body temperature and helps in maintaining the moisture of the skin. Individuals who have oily skin usually have large pores and they get clogged by dirt and thus cause breakouts and acne. La Skinnovita has a treatment to shrink your large pore and thus helps in giving you that desired glow on your face. We use Radio frequency micro needling for treating large pores. It is a safe and effective treatment and has shown tremendous results. This process is non-ablative and promotes collagen production in the pores to restore a smooth and even texture on the skin. You can contact our help desk for further details and cost of the treatment of large pores in Gurgaon.

Eye bags and fine lines

This is again a very common problem faced by aging people these days. Eye bags and fine lines are linked with puffiness around the eyes. This happens because with growing age the tissues around the eyes, along with the muscles that support the eyelids, weaken. There might be a chance that some fluid gets collected in the space below the eyes that adds swelling in the region under the eyes. La Skinnovita can treat the problem effectively by using Aureate series of aesthetic procedures. The technology is highly supportive in treating number of skin conditions easily. It is a very comfortable and painless procedure and gives effective results. To book an appointment or to know more about the procedure you can schedule an appointment with us today.