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7 great reasons as to why people prefer laser hair removal these days

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Are you sick of having to pluck unsolicited hair or fall back on harsh chemical to confiscate them only to grow them back in 3 days? Exhausted of the pain and time-consuming procedure of waxing and hate to have in-grown hair subsequently? Well, you are not alone. Find out why over 6 million individuals have preferred to undergo laser hair removal globally:

  1. In the real world, prices will only ascend and are unlikely to do down, but the opposite is true for laser hair removal. Fifteen years ago, you will be paying double of what you pay at present to have undesirable removed using laser. Ferocious competition has been driving the price down and this has impressively benefited some 6 million customers ever since.
  2. The FDA has approved this treatment to be safe enough to be used on any portion of the body including the face and private parts as long as not near the eyes. There are no known side-effects with laser hair removal. Maximum patients will experience redness and some stinging sensation that will steadily squander. To sidestep post treatment irritation, you will be provided with topical cream to use as and when essential.
  3. Before laser hair removal was principally used, electrolysis is used as a perpetual solution to rid unwanted hair using low level of electricity. In this process, small probes have to be inserted to each hair follicle to kill them. Since this is a labor-intensive procedure, only a trivial area can be targeted at one time. In contrast, in laser hair removal larger areas such as the back can be treated simultaneously.
  4. With electrolysis, your skin is hair free but you will also experience bumps and skin swelling subsequently. So far, no other hair removal service can match the outcome produced using laser. Patients can expect up to 100% reduction in hair and the deceased follicles will not likely to produce new hair growth in the future, making laser hair removal the perpetual solution to rid undesirable hair.
  5. It only takes less than 10 minutes to treat either armpits, or about 60 minutes to treat both legs with laser hair removal. This is why, it is been named the ‘lunch time’ treatment.
  6. No one can tell if you have had laser hair removal in Gurgaon. That is because you can recommence working straightaway, experience no pain, necessitate no bandage and there is no retrieval time frame. This speedy treatment can be done in the doctor clinic under the supervision of a competent therapist.
  7. The folks who went through electrolysis will tell you that it is extremely excruciating. Laser hair removal in contrast, are generally absorbed by the hair melanin which then translate the light to heat and self-destruct. That is to say, the quantity of heat endured by the nearby skin is trifling. You will feel some heat and pinching sensation but it will be lessened by the cool tip of the laser.

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