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Laser Hair Reduction does not work

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This is one of the most common reviews that you may have come across if you are planning to get your Laser Hair Reduction done. It is in fact very true that laser hair reduction may work differently for different people and you may not experience the best results. Laser Hair Reduction is widely accepted world wide for removal of unwanted hair from various parts of the body, but we still have many cases where the patients are not satisfied.

So how does that happen?

Why doesn’t laser hair reduction work for everyone?

Laser Hair Reduction has evolved through time and a lot of clinics and wellness centres offer laser treatments through commercially available laser hair reduction machines through unskilled dermatologists and specialists operating it and the lack of knowledge in laser technology. Untested and less powerful machines are ineffective while powerful ones need to be operated only under the supervision of a specialist. The effects of Laser Hair Reduction varies from patient to patient and those with hormonal disorders may need significantly more sessions depending on the condition.

Laser Hair Reduction as we know it

Some of the laser treatments available in the market are diode laser, ND Yag Laser, Alexandrite Laser, IPL etc. These equipment are not totally successful as each has its own cons. People are falsely promised successful results after 1-3 sessions and this leads to the dissatisfaction among the patients. Diode Lasers and Alexandrite Lasers are the leading technology in this field. Diode Lasers are more powerful but do not work well for finer hair types. Similarly, Alexandrite Lasers are fast and effective against all all kinds of skin types. However, the laser can cause skin burn issues if not operated well. Both these equipment work fine but have its own cons. Again, Laser Hair Reduction involves the use of energy in the form of laser beam that damage the base of the hair and the follicles to result into effective hair reduction. People often use waxing and other hair removal techniques in conjunction with Laser Treatments that remove the follicles. This makes Laser Treatments ineffective as there is no follicle to target. Again, depending on the hair colour and skin colour, a very specific wavelength of laser has to be used that is acquired through practice and training.

DiodaleX– Diode Laser + Alexandrite Laser

The best of two technologies in One Machine

diodalex-laser hair reduction in gurgaon
La Skinnovita is one of the finest skin, hair and laser clinics in Gurgaon that offers scientific treatments through unmatched technology under the guidance of some of the best dermatologists in the country. The latest introduction to this clinic has been DiodaleX which uses In-Motion technology, a very powerful and safe technology that is the gold standard for treatment of patients with Asian Skin type. The technology utilises the effectiveness of Alexandrite Laser and the power of Diode Lasers in one machine to produce the most successful results in hair reduction for Indian skin types. A cost effective and time saving treatment, DiodaleX has been found to be effective for people with hormonal disorders like PCOD and can produce satisfactory results in 8-10 sessions depending on the person. All treatments are performed under the supervision of our specialist Dr Anuj Pall who has trained in India and abroad and offers his excellence in some of the most prestigious institutions like Max Hospital. People who have had unsatisfactory results in the past can also benefit from the use of this technology.

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