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Med Contour

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Med Contour- a ‪reliable‬, powerful and ‪safe‬ body contouring system that has proven to be very effective for body contouring and the reduction of cellulite and ‪‎fat‬.
‪‎Med‬ ‪‎Contour‬ is a revolutionary non-surgical and non-invasive ultrasound machine specializing in fat reduction and fat loss. Med Contour features its own patented ‪‎FDA‬ approved dual hand piece helping focus treatments better and leaving surrounding structures (i.e. skin, blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue) undamaged. Med Contour also has its own built in lymphatic drainage system helping the body to remove toxins, excess fluids and waste from the body.
Med Contour Benefits:
· easy ‪‎weight‬ ‪loss‬
· immediate results
· long lasting results
· fat reduction
· visibly improved cellulite
· comfortable
· affordable.
. effortless treatment
· no surgery
· no anesthesia
· no downtime
· no painful injections
· non-invasive
· short treatment times
Med Contour serves to enhance the appearance of the skin by reducing ‪‎skin‬ laxity (looseness, sagging) and decreasing the volume and circumference of the treatment area by at least 2 centimeters in just few sessions.
We, at La skinnovita, are proud to introduce Med Contour, an efficient, safe and easy to use ultrasound system. Thanks to the Med Contour dual treatment, we have set a new standard in the field of ‪‎Body‬ ‪‎Contouring‬ and today this means the end to the most obstinate fat pads without the need for ‪‎surgical‬ intervention.

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