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Who is a trichologist and why should you fix an appointment with him?

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The scalp problems in its initial phase are easy to tackle and treated well. As per the statistics, the hair loss phenomenon is hitting hard amid the population of sundry regions, and virtually half of them are females. Apparently, the water of extreme weather conditions might be the culprit behind increasing scalp problems. The requirement of referring a good trichologist in Gurgaon is now becoming essential under the light of this rising problem amid males and females alike.

Who is a trichologist?

With the success of the cutting-edge surgical scalp restoration processes, the treatment has guaranteed many to be the solitary perpetual solution to scalp problem. So, before going for the surgical hair transplant, you have to go through an appropriate consultation session. The consultation is handled by a trichologist, who has experience in this expanse. Imagine a trichologist as a hair doctor, to whom you might wish to refer about our scalp issues instead of any general physician.

How the consultation works

This projected one-hour discussion is useful to further for the process is several ways. First, let us see how it works.

  • The doctor will assess your scalp problem in which an in-depth examination of your scalp will be directed. So that you shall be provided with an appropriate diagnosis as per the problem.
  • Your medical history will be inspected to know if there is any underlying health issue that is causing bald-headedness.
  • The discussion about your diet, lifestyle as well as your living and office milieu will be done. All of it is essential so as to point any possible reason of your baldheadedness.
  • The consultation is comprehensive and might take time as it is impossible to recommend any treatment unless they delve into all the possible aspects and the reasons.
  • You might necessitate further examination after the first visit, such as blood scrutiny, to confirm the potential factors from underlying health disorders.

The hair loss treatment plan

  • A treatment plan shall be talked over, so you should be all set beforehand.
  • Spare enough time of yours to have a complete consultation with the doctor and gather as much as you can. So that you can be gratified enough with the further treatment process.
  • Please note that your treatment strategy will be discussed and planned only after the apt consultation.

How can a better diagnosis be done?

There are several cases that prove to be the contributing factors in making the baldheadedness a headache. The trichologist in Gurgaon elucidates that the following scalp issues commonly are analyzed in the session.

  • Insufficient nutrition
  • Environment elements
  • Hormone disparity
  • Follicle sensitivity.
  • Sudden trauma or tension.
  • Thyroid problem

You can get an advice from the trichologist

It is elective, not compulsory to have any scalp concern or baldness, maximum individuals consult to have a recommendation for better maintenance of the scalp and evade any problem in future. Every individual struggles with diverse scalp problems and their treatment also varies. The baldheadedness or thinning can be tremendously nerve-wracking. And, there is a hefty number of individuals who are suffering from these complications and don’t know how to judge the root cause. These problems can cause a substantial lag in self-confidence for an individual.

  • You might be recommended some healthy lifestyle tips that could help you to obscure the problem.
  • The doctor might advise you a healthy diet plan to overcome any inner nutritional shortages in your body.
  • The texture complications exist even if you are not experiencing thinning. Your locks might appear lifeless and gloomy.
  • If your case necessitates the opinion of a dermatologist, it would be better for you to settle on it. If the skin ailment is diagnosed, healing it might conquest the baldness or other scalp glitches.
  • The one reason is stress also, which any trichologist can address to be unpleasant and must be provided treatment for. Adopting the healthier and simpler lifestyle can treat it.
  • The vitamins are essential to maintain your scalp’s health, so a vitamin supplement might be recommended that can help to get rid of the hair loss.

A trichologist is a knowledgeable individual who very well comprehends the ups and downs of your scalp. And if you are the occupant of the region with some life-threatening weather conditions, then the trichologist better knows its probable effects on your scalp. A comprehensive consultation will not only aid you get a better treatment, but also get your queries answered.

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