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Holi is back! And it is back with a bang!It is the time of year for which all of us wait eagerly, especially to drench ourselves in colors of love and fun. Who would not love these beautiful colours? And why not? After all, it’s time to celebrate with the colours on the festival of colours, Holi. Once you have decided to join the crowd for celebrations and enjoy the smear of colours, don’t forget something very important that you have to bear after the celebration is over. It’s your hair and skin. One of the safest ways is to go herbal. Colours sold in the market these days are synthetic and are harsh on your hair. They often leave stubborn stains that are difficult to remove. The good news is that we are here to help you get rid of the havoc caused by the colours to your hair. So, don’t stop yourself from getting yourself drenched in the colours of happiness and fun if you promise yourself to strictly follow the below mentioned tips that we are sharing with you:

  • Rinse your hair with plenty of plain water for the first time so that the dry colour can be washed out.
  • Apply a mild shampoo and rinse with warm water.
  • Don’t forget to use a hair conditioner after washing your hair.
  • Keep oiling your hair every night and washing the next day till the entire colour comes off.
  • Deep conditioning treatments can be used for restoring the hair quality.
  • You can also apply egg yolk as a mask on your hair to restore their shine.
  • Another solution to post Holi hair mess is to indulge in a hair spa.This nourishing treatment combines cleansing, hair treatment; steam and scalp massage to restore scalp and hair balance.

By following these extremely simple tips you can let your hair enjoy a colourful holi. In case hair loss persists or you feel that your hair are severely damaged then contact La Skinnovita to help you avoid permanent damage. Go ahead and have a colour splash!

We wish you a very happy and colourful Holi!

Team La Skinnovita

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