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Skin Tips for Healthy and Glowing Skin

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Skin Tips for Healthy and Glowing Skin

Skin is the largest organ of the body but does the fact makes it harder for you lethargic bones to maintain its radiance and youthfulness? The long hour facials and clean ups sound like a misery to some. However a little daily care and look after can help in the long run to keep ageing signs at bay or at least delay and minimise them.

Dr. Anuj Pall advises the least you can do to keep the skin healthier and younger for as long:

Cleanse Twice Daily, not more or less.

Cleanse and rinse your face twice daily to remove the excess oil and dirt accumulated in your skin the whole day. You a mild cleanser most suitable for your skin type, consult your skin specialist for better prescription.

Forget the Surprise, do not forget to Moisturise.

Moisturising is as much important as the cleansing, after removal of dirt and oil the dry skin tends to flake and likely to develop acne and wrinkles if not regularly moisturised. Choose one wisely.

Make it your Best Friend, Sunscreen.

Before you get in the need to buy anti ageing cream, before you step out in the sunny gleam, Put on that sunscreen (SPF 20 or above). It doesn’t just block tanning but other sun damages caused like wrinkles, ageing and pigmentation to great extent.

Remain out of Touch with your Face.

If you have a habit of touching or rubbing on face anytime or every time, you need to stop that right now. Bacteria, allergens, viruses transfer from your fingertips to your skin that may be causing or worsening your acne.

Don’t break the laws, take off the makeup.

Before you go for a sound sleep, do not forget to take out all the makeup from your face as well as eyes. Clean thoroughly using a good makeup remover and follow up with a moisturizer.

Our Skin Specialist in Gurgaon

These basic tips by Dr. Anuj Pall are sure to make your healthy skin healthier. You’re remarkable in your skin, just give it few minutes daily and you may not confront any skin issues as hard to handle. However, if your conditions need an expert advice or treatment, you can contact La Skinnovita which is the most advanced skin care clinic and offers treatments by leading skin specialists in Gurgaon. With unique treatments like Aureate, one can really benefit and have clear and beautiful skin in a single treatment.

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